Our values

We do not focus on leadership in size and sales volume but we focus on leadership in quality and service. Our know-how, experience, innovations and ideas flow into every last details. Our teas and infusions are only put on the market if they meet our high standards in terms of reliability, efficiency and accuracy.


We don't gear our policy toward short-term goals, but focuses instead on medium and long term success. This is only possible when sufficient consideration is given to non-economic factors in the pursuit of entrepreneurial initiatives.


Successful entrepreneurial endeavor is in the long term intrinsically linked to the principle of sustainability. Meeting environmental requirements is one of the greatest challenges of our time. We contribute to solving this task with our range of products.


We have a large proportion of sustainable products. In particular, this concerns the issue of efficiency, life cycle, optimization, and use of environmental technology and renewable energies.


The consideration of ecological requirements takes a high priority for us - whether we are supporting and advising clients or planing our own process.

Human values

We are guided by firm entrepreneurial and human values and our focus is on two key elements: people and business success.

Respect and team spirit

We appreciate and respect our customers and fellow employees as much as we value our work ethnics; this is the strength of our foundation. The entire API team spirit is build on this and is special characterizing mark of our entire organization; working at API is extremely rewarding and where satisfaction and success walk hand-in-hand.

Performance and output

Our customers must be able to relay 100% on our products and services. Consequently, we believe in performance and output. Without hard work, there would be no success and without this our enterprise would not be viable. Since we are a team, we consider our joint success to be more important than the success of individuals.

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